Versicherungsmakler für Cyber- und Datenrisiken, Experte in der IT- und Technologiebranche und Berater für Finanzierung und Altersvorsorge

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Welcome to Contego Finanzberatung GmbH

Contego Finanzberatung GmbH is your financial and insurance broker for risk solutions, financing, retirement provisions and sophisticated financial products.

The aim of our work is tailor-made and needs-based solutions for our clients.

In doing so, we rely on long-term cooperation based on partnership and proven expertise.

contego Finanzberatung GmbH

We offer nationally and internationally risk solutions and consulting services to companies of all industries and sizes from startups to established corporations, associations, freelancers and discerning private individuals.

One focus is on advising modern, technology-based companies and their particular risk relationships. We also support venture capital companies and investors in securing their investments.

contego Finanzberatung GmbH


Every day for more than 15 years we have proven ourselves as an independent finance and insurance broker. Trust, safety-oriented thinking, knowledge and technology create sustainable success. As registered brokers, we are committed to representing our clients’ interests objectively and independently.

What is an insurance broker?

Different from the insurance agent, an insurance broker represents the interests of customers. At contego, we do not represent the interests of one or more insurers, but only the interests of our customers.

Objective - the long term

The financial and insurance markets are complex and non-transparent. Through our market observation, experience, comparison software and the continuous exchange of knowledge with renowned experts, we offer our customers all the necessary and relevant facts to make correct decisions in the long term.

As a group-independent consulting company, we always represent the interests of our customers. We work with the leading banks, insurance companies and providers of other financial services. Our solutions provide our customers with long-term financial security.

Binding at your request

Our service begins with the provision of information, then – if you wish – advice and conclusion and continued support.

During the contract period, you can turn to us for advice and support and assistance with insurance claims. You do not incur any additional costs for our involvement. You do not pay more than you would pay for direct insurance with the respective insurer.

Ideas - Competence - Solutions

At contego you get price advantages and qualitative improvements. There are products where you have a 50% price advantage, which means that you only pay half as much with us as with a direct contract with the insurer. In some cases we write the complete insurance terms ourselves and offer you products that you could not have otherwise contracted. You also often receive special acceptance conditions or additional services as an advantage from us. There is no degradation.

How do we make our money?

We make money when you take out insurance or a financial product through us. Although you do not pay more than directly with an insurer, a bank, building society or investment company, we receive remuneration for this from the respective product partner. The savings on the part of the financial services companies result from the cost savings, since otherwise costs would arise, for example, for advertising or sales representatives.

In the event of a claim, we are at your side

Because we represent your interests and want to achieve the best possible claims settlement for you.

We would like to inspire you with our service, because satisfied customers talk about us and recommend our service.

We take the time for a personal conversation - simply get in contact with us.

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