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Who pays when you can no longer work?

On average, every fifth employee in Germany becomes disabled at some point. If the income stops, a serious shortage in cover could occur. That is why occupational disability insurance is one of the most important basic forms of insurance.

Tailored to your personal life situation and your income, there is the right pension for every need.

Protect yourself from the financial consequences of occupational disability:

Allow us advise you independently, we will design the right solution with you and choose the most suitable solution for you from more than 50 tariffs.

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Features of good occupational disability insurance

  • No abstract / concrete reference
  • Guaranteed pension increase after occupational disability
  • Shortened forecast period
  • Only examination of the last occupation practiced
  • No time-limited recognition
  • Waiver of § 163 VVg (Insurance Contract Act)
  • Waiver of doctor’s order clause
  • No reorganisation for the self-employed
  • Worldwide scope of application
  • Family discount
  • Life-long payment of the BU pension (old-age pension) when the BU begins due to nursing care
  • Special protection for young professionals and students (reduced initial contribution with 100% performance)
  • Increase options without health issues (post-insurance guarantee), for example: Marriage or founding a cohabitation, divorce, reaching the age of majority, taking up self-employment, reaching an academic degree, passing the master’s certificate or completing a professional qualification, taking out a loan to finance a property you use yourself, increasing your regular gross annual income, sustained increase of the average profit, taking out a loan in the commercial area, or regardless of the occasion
  • No registration deadline for disability
  • Retrospective performance
  • Free choice of doctor
  • Protection of basic ability – immediate BU pension for e.g. deafness, blindness, wheelchair
contego Finanzberatung GmbH

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