10 reasons for choosing contego

1. Independence

According to our legal status as a broker, we represent the interests of our clients independent of any service suppliers.

2. Experience and Professional Expertise 

Since we have successfully implemented consultations of various situative demands for over twenty years. For us, professional expertise is equivalent to a solid functional training as well as continual professional education.

3. Price and Performance Advantages 

Our volume of stocks and our experience create purchasing benefits and product improvements that we pass on to our clients. 

4. Security

We assess our clients's risks comprehensively and offer a powerful protection against risks.

5. Transparency

We deliver detailed analyses of products and suppliers and provied our clients with objectively correct information.

6. Customer-Oriented Solutions 

We develop customized solutions coming up to the expectations of our clients.

7. Process Optimization

We minimize the administrative workload for our clients as best as possible. To achieve this, we are developing demand-oriented customer processes. 

8. Partnership 

We put great emphasis on a partnership with our clients. Hence, we cultivate a relationship based on trust and mutual cooperation. We rely on an open communication with all our clients. 

9. Continuity 

We are focused on the long-term objectives expressed by our clients. As a consequence, we look to a sustainable cooperation. 

10. Customer Satisfaction 

Satisfying our clients is a top priority – ranging from the demand analysis, the product choice, our support service up to accompanying our clients in the event of damage.