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When practicing their professional activities, managers are confronted with personal and professional liability risks with almost every decision. The joint and several liability means that the manager is not only liable for his own mistakes, but also for the breaches of duty by colleagues in the management bodies. Managers and management bodies are liable with their private assets for damage that their company has suffered as a result of culpable breaches of duty, and that is unlimited. That poses an enormous financial risk. Also costs for a criminal defence due to the accusation of a crime can quickly go into the six-figure range as a result of trials that sometimes last for years. In the case of criminal allegations, managers need the best possible legal defence.

contego Finanzberatung GmbH

Manager 360 ° is a holistic solution for all relevant risks of managers, board members and managing directors.

Protection modules can be selected individually, for example:

  • Manager liability D&O (Directors & Officers)
  • Personal-D&O
  • Deductible D&O
  • Special criminal legal protection
  • Employment contract legal protection
contego Finanzberatung GmbH
  • We provide management with neutral and independent advice for high quality solutions. We provide these solutions to board members, managing directors, supervisory boards, authorised officers and other bodies of GmbHs, AGs, associations, cooperatives.

  • The service includes the defence against unfounded liability claims and the fulfilment of justified liability claims for involved managers. In this way, D&O insurance enables management to concentrate on their responsible tasks without having to worry about possible wrong decisions. Since this is also in the interests of the company, the insurance premiums are paid regularly by the company and have meanwhile become the standard for corporations.

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